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Warrior Tee

Designer: Hope and Harvest


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We wanted to bring something special out this year for all of our incredible and inspiring women out there. All of you.

Women are the most incredible, strong, vulnerable, inspiring, hard working, nurturing.... the list goes on, of all creatures on this planet. Whether you work 9 to 5, you have 3 jobs, you have a house hold to keep a grasp of, run your own business, recovering from horrendous adversity... this list also goes on. We salute you.

Women are definitely warriors, and we get on with our days and get it done, without falling in a heap... most days- and that is ok too.

Whether you are running a corporation, or running a busy house full of people, and just trying to get out of the house without leggo pieces in your hair, and your shirt on the right way, we salute you.

These tees are a way for us to publicly give that little nod to all the other women we see in the streets while wearing them. To let them know that we are one big girl gang. We are wearing these tees to show that we as a brand, stand up and say thanks, for just being truly amazing women.

We don't often praise ourselves for the effort we put into our daily lives and the people around us. The world is so busy that sometimes, we don't get that credit from others around us either. Women can also be harsh to one another, when we all know we should be building each other up.

 So the H&H Warrior tees were born. Wear them proudly ladies, and give that little nod to yourself and those other ladies you see in the street, to remind them that they are also awesome.

Doesn't hurt for our lovely men to read them too, and also appreciate the everyday warriors that they have around them.

Pure cotton, and hand printed. Graphics designed by our head designer personally, and made in a superior quality and cut.

These, maybe tees, but they are the bees knees tees, and we love them.

Hold your heads up ladies and give yourself a break now and then, and know that we think you are all warriors!

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