Hey 👋

I'm Blaise, one of two halves of Hear Us Roar!

I wanted to introduce myself and my style profile just in case you want to dress like me - but seriously who doesn't (did I mention I'm humble). 

I am 6'1ft around 184cm (objects may appear shorter on me than in real life) and a size 14-18 (bust 110cm waist 97cm and hips 130cm) , depending on how much cheese I eat because life is hard and life should be soft cheese. 

My style profile is chic - with an edge, sporty and practical and when I want to dress up boho glam (think hoop earrings and flowy dresses). I like to wear classic pieces and then totally turn them on their head whilst still showing off my legs, boobs or both whilst skimming my hips and minimising my broad shoulders. 

I play sport, eat brunch, work in a co-working space and love to hit local cool bars after work sometimes ( I like to think I'm cool but I'm actually a plant mum and adore putting data into Google maps). Occasionally if I'm not dead asleep I will venture out to networking events where my style will need to boss it up for maximum domination effect (don't be so kinky, I just mean rule the world). 

I hope you love my picks - most of these I have in my wardrobe or are currently lusting over and deciding if my wardrobe will fit anymore! 

Lot's of love,

Blaise (Bmac) xx

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