The Hear Us Roar Style Pod Experience


We received this incredible review after one of our customers Fiona visited our Style Pod in Melbourne atop the Art Series Hotel The Cullen. We are passionate about creating safe spaces that have no judgement and create wonderful life changing experiences for our customer. 

Over to Fiona: 

I have had mixed results with stylists. For many years I have envied those with a definitive style – be it retro or Goth or anything at all really! My style has tended to be comfortable clothes that ‘flatter’ me. Mainly jeans!

My first styling session was with a woman who was able to help me find flattering clothes. I purchased 5 tops with her in a 1 hour session in Myer. Sadly I was so excited by the fact that the tops looked good on me that I forgot to decide if I actually liked them! I returned 4 of the tops the next day. 

Many years later I met a lovely stylist at a 2 day course about presence, influence and finding your voice. She said wonderful things about me and how to dress to better flatter my shape. I set up a session with her about 6 months later. We did a full wardrobe review and then a shopping session to fill specific gaps in my collection. I had a wonderful time and added a lot to my wardrobe. But diets were mentioned more than once. And the shops we went into I was wearing the biggest size they had. I had great clothes, but I didn’t feel wonderful. I also had a new set of ‘rules’ to follow when I dressed. No white shirts (too much white across my body to be flattering), for example.

Fast forward to 2019, and at the SheEO summit I met Blaise from Hear us Roar. HUR is an online clothing store featuring plus size designers. My heart sang, and then sank. I am terrible at online clothes shopping. Most plus size models are tall, and I am at the shorter end of average height. Things rarely looked the same on me! Then Blaise gave me a ray of hope… they were looking at doing a pop up styling shop in Melbourne!! 

I think I only asked once (maybe twice?) if they were still planning the pop up store… and I was reassured it was still a possibility. 

My excitement when I saw the dates on Instagram was enormous! I immediately asked to be signed up. 

Finally the day arrived, I was filled with anticipation, mixed with dread… what if I didn’t like anything? What if it didn’t look good on me? What if the stylist and I had different taste? 

And, just imagine, what if I loved what they showed me. 

I set two budgets – sensible and stretch. 

The hour of trying on clothes with Karina was joyous. Not only were there clothes I liked, and liked on me, there were so many that I was able to be picky! Not once were the words flattering or minimising used. I was not dressing to look smaller; I was dressing the look (and feel) fabulous. 

The end of an hour saw me sorting my haul into 3 categories: definitely, maybe and sadly no. Karina priced the definitely pile while I wandered, ate cheese, drank wine and looked again at the maybe pile. Feeling like a million dollars. Which was definitely not my budget! 

The good news came back – I was within my stretch budget (just!). The bad news was I had decided there were two items on the maybe pile I could not live without…  I may have stretched my stretch budget a tiny bit… but what price can you put on feeling stylish, and not small in any way? 



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