2021 | Work Wardrobe - No more guesswork!

We’ve all been there before.

Monday morning. Feeling a little groggy. May or may not have really needed that 4th Margarita yesterday afternoon in the Sun…… Yikes!

And then it hits you. 

Like a smack in the face….with a chair.  That bloody Alarm.


Snooze repeat.

Ok, just one more and then I’ll get up.

Then theres that dance, that we all know far too well.

Sprint to the shower. 5 mins in there tops. 

No time for hair styles. Wet, messy, shower hair top not it is  again today (what you think thats my signature look because I really like it ??*wink) 

Cue Mexican stand off.

It’s just you and your old friend ( and sometimes enemy)  El’ Wardrobe….. yeah that rights mate, I’m back. What have you got?

Fast fingers dance atop of garments and coat hangers galore in the hope that something AH-Mazing will jump out as inspiration for todays work ensemble.

but alas nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch

And thus begins the “lets try every single shirt we own” tussle …and we know it doesn't  end well. The debris of todays battle lays in a growing mound of cotton, polyester and chiffon on the floor and you eventually admit defeat and reach for the same black sleeveless swing top you wear every other Monday…… aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggg!!!!!!!

Well fear no more. 

Lets break it down. Lets keep it simple. And with a little planning and prep work we can make the battle of the morning work wardrobe  a walk in the park….. we got this!!!

Base Pieces.

Work with styles that you know work for you. 

Well Cut Black Pant. High Waisted Skirt. Wrap Dress. Classic Shirt.

And lets keep things in a neutral palette.  Black, White, Neutral/Grey…. all of these will work in together, mix and match and make that morning choice far less daunting. 

I think we can overwhelm ourselves with choice if we over load our  work wardrobe with too many bold prints and patterns… it's like holy shit where do we start? 


Adelina White Linen Cotton Collared Shirt | Zarc | $119


Well Cut Pant.

Find a style that works for you and keep it as a main staple, almost a uniform.

This is where you spend money to invest in pants that will 

Keep it modern with a classic cigarette style or skinny 7/8 leg. It will elongate the leg and black slim line or tapered leg is flattering and can work back with pretty much anything. A dressy sleeveless top, a basic tee under a blazer or the old classic button through.  Teemed back with either a loafer or a simple mule will still keep it office friendly without being overly corporate…. let's keep it fresh ladies.


Flat Front Relaxed Pant | Love Your Wardrobe | $99

 Cicilia Tailored Palazzo Trousers | Pablo + Kat | $99


High Waisted Skirt.

This should be a repeat look through the working week. This little beauty can push through from a casual look with a cotton tee or singlet, to a fitted sleeveless top or even throw on the button through shirt and tie at the waist. And add a Blazer for a sharp power boss bitch look

And so many brands are rocking some form of high waisted skirts at the moment….some quite fitted, others a little more relaxed so ladies of all shapes and sizes can feel comfortable rocking out in there sexy high wasted skirt. 

This is definitely a Friday must …have  a killer pair of heels on stand by in the hand bag and add a choker necklace and a splash on a red lip and you are good to go from the desk to the dance floor baby!!





Wrap Dress.

She is your friend. For instant style and shape, this should be one of your favourite pieces. 

A wrap dress flaunts those curves, creates shape and skims over those hips all while bringing a element of style and femininity. Think Black/Navy or if you are feeling bold mix it up with a print and bring your colour and on trend pieced in jewellery or even coloured belts to mix up the look. 

Chelsea Linen Wrap Dress | Pablo and Kat | $169

Tippy Wrap Dress | Pablo and Kat | $165

Shine like a diamond | Love Your Wardrobe | $139.95


Good luck ladies, may the style gurus guide you through your morning!! 


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